nervous system capacity building

trauma resolution


elemental somatics

our sensitive, intricate beings are completely enmeshed in and constantly interacting with the world. in the current context of late capitalism, racial injustice, and climate chaos our organisms and minds can become overwhelmed and disconnected. the practice of elemental somatics works to reconnect to the wisdom of our somas and the elements through both ancient and recent lineages.

this work is held by tender, who is a somatic and spiritual practitioner currently studying the elements in several esoteric traditions, among other interests. they are a person of European settler ancestry who is practicing a prefigurative post-gender existence working with layers of healing from trauma, both individual and collective on Turtle Island.

tender talking about the practice



current and previous course offerings and regular group practices.


this is a space where you can learn about the questions and ideas i find compelling. what i am reading and thinking about.

practice together

curious to work with me individually? i fuse a connection to the elements, spiritual practice, contemplative arts and somatics with a deep background in philosophy and gender theory to create containers for healing trauma and to cultivate openness and awareness. read to learn more about how i work and fill out an inquiry form.

material things

an important part of my embodiment is making material things.


whiteness, white supremacy, and racialized injustice are violent forces in the world. working for racial justice is an important facet of my life. go here to learn about examining, disembodied and embodied whiteness offerings and resources.


support for gender manifestation, decontamination, examination, disidentification etc.

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