material things

little shack in the back yard studio
big bowl for adam
hemlock fence gate detail
adilea’s house. designed and built with konbit shelter.
haiti, 2013
at work on porch
frogs of extinction
porch on kirkpatrick ave
collaborator for the polish hill mayday puppet float “many headed hydra”
braddock tiles floor tiles, designed and made
mural made with braddock tiles and braddock youth project
enclosed porch
little shack in the back yard studio inside
sink for mika
composting toilet, hardwick, vt
shack inside
lath wall piece.
lez be, the paper canoe. made with sea change flotilla.
noodle bowl
porch on kirkpatrick ave
co-creator of “fire killer cops” banner action at FOP conference
braddock tiles swoon design relief tiles, fabricator
kiln tender ceramics
etta’s kitchen floor, reclaimed lath board
icosahedron stool
braddock tiles, floor tiles designed and made
working with konbit shelter. haiti, 2011
installing someone elses art at the carnegie international in my life as an art fabricator
abolitionist coin made for lets get free
icosahedron chariot
3D printed portrait in porcelain
bronze bust thing
instruments for being with grief raw clay
church model, co-fabricator
working as a ladder, with konbit shelter
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