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somatic guide

Working one-on-one we can create a self styled program from menu of options that include contemplative practices, spiritual practices, somatic practices, meditation, ritual and elemental practices. Depending on your particular situation and interest we can work together to create a plan of how many sessions we want to work together, what the scope of our practice container is, and what kind of practices we want to use. This is not a linear process, and it’s not a conventional practice.

i work either in person or on zoom.

ways we might work together:

  • guided meditation (personalized meditation to establish grounding, do visiualization, explore practice…)
  • being outside/in the elements (together if we live in proximity or with prompts for your own fieldtrips)
  • verbal processing (we talk, possibly with movement and somatic support)
  • rituals (using various traditions using a set process to move through a difficult situation or mark an occasion)
  • somatic practices ( from somatic experiencing or other places. allowing the wisdom of the body to move through)
  • making art (ceramics, free form drawings with music and more)
  • contemplations (questions that can help expand awareness)
  • gender exploration through various media
  • your choice!

I recognize and acknowledge that my practice is not well suited for people who are in an acute mental health crisis. I not a therapist or mental health professional, nor are my services meant to be a replacement for that care, however practicing with me can be a support to traditional therapy or work as an alternative. If you’re interested in working one on one we can set up a consultation please fill out the connect with tender form so that we can access whether we are compatible.


I am committed to working on a sliding scale basis to make somatic practices available to those with less access to resources. Please evaluate what you are able to pay in a way that is sustainable for you and also meaningful.

See below for guidance on what you should pay per-hour. If you are able to pay more please do, it makes it possible for those who have less to have access.

this is a limited offer for:what you should pay if:for those who are:and maybe even:
people who are experiencing difficulty
and are unable to work full time, unable to meet
basic needs and have a lack of access to
other support.
you are able to meet your basic needs
and have some disposable income
but might have debt burden
able to meet basic needs comfortably and have
disposable income even if you have some debt.
you are set. own a house, have some savings or retirement, might have access to generational wealth, inheritance, or investments.
$25-55 —> —>$150+

Payment is due the day of the session unless other arrangements are made. If you need to cancel a session please give more than 24 hours notice. If you cancel with less than 24 hours you will be billed ½ session rate the first time and full session rate the 2nd time and future times. I understand that things come up and these are boundaries that help me maintain my practice. 

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