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kalen tenderness tierney (aka tender) is a person (also known as a multispecies assemblage) navigating the world in a gender expansive practice, working at the intersection of somatics, meditation and social/ecological justice. tender is a facilitator, educator, ceramicist, queer philosopher and builder for social change. they are currently studying the history of bodies, ecology/queer ecologies, the Great Perfection tradition of Tibet, western esoteric traditions, trauma, and somatics. they are a student, sharer, space holder and collaborator rather than an expert. tender has been mostly living in the Pittsburgh area since the early 2000’s when they moved there to pursue a degree in philosophy with a focus on queer theory. Over the last 10 years tender has worked with various groups to combat social and ecological injustice, including their work with Braddock Tiles and as a core member of WHAT’S UP?! Pittsburgh. tender is invested in working for the total liberation of all beings. They live with their canine companion in a 1960 Airstream camper, travel and are currently looking to live on land in so-called Vermont. tender loves wild blueberries, the ocean, rocks, trees, sky, animals, tea, far out theory conversations, fire, reading and being in the forest.




  • generative somatics- White Racial Justice Organizers cohort 2020-2022
  • Somatic Experiencing three year professional training 2021-2023
  • Meditation guide training 2017 and ongoing
  • Embody Lab Somatic Attachment Therapy certificate Program 2022.
self portrait after woodblock print of a witch 16th century
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