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meditation and somatics for everyday survival

weekly drop-in somatic meditation practice space

starting may 15th on monday evenings 6-7:15 pm eastern time on zoom

no experience necessary, all are welcome. space for meditation and somatic practices as well as discussion

(if i need to cancel it will be posted here)

whiteness, ancestors and embodiment:

coming soon

previous offerings:

meditation and somatic practices for everyday survival:

a six week course wednesday march 15th to april 19th 7-8:30 pm eastern time.

in this experiential course we will explore basic skills and practices for getting through the day: meditation, breath-work, bilateral stimulation, sensory awareness and more! the orientation of this learning is to create more capacity for being with things as they are in the present. this course will draw on several somatic traditions and buddhist meditation as well as other sources. we will talk about trauma, the nervous system, dissociation and embodiment. each week the time will be divided between practice, informational content and discussion. this is a trauma-informed space. no experience necessary! $50-150 suggested donation. on zoom. register here


trauma informed open awareness meditation or,

 Dzogchen for somatic liberation.

Find out more below…Sign up here

Tuesday evenings 7-8:30 est on zoom.

October 25th to November 15th.

Payment info: 

Pay the wage price: $150

Pay a little less price: $100

Pay more price: $300-500

Pay less: contact us.

We want this course to not preclude anyone because of a financial barrier, if you can afford to pay more please do! That will assure that we can offer more spots to people with less resources in that area. We have some spots reserved for lower income, please indicate on the form or contact us with questions.

In this 4-week experiential course, we explore the relationship between open awareness practice and regulated nervous systems.

 Our questions emerge from reverence for simple Dzogchen meditation methods, a commitment to trusting the wisdom of our bodily organism, and a critical inquiry into what it means to be “regulated.”

The title of the course comes from a critique we hope to articulate in an illuminating manner through practice. We will critically explore the way that  trauma healing and mindfulness guidelines often talk about  nervous system regulation as  a constant, effortful manipulation of our state. It can sound as if we always have to “regulate” our experience.

We feel that we might benefit from a different view and stance, that of awareness and allowing. We start from a premise of inherent knowing that is innate to each of us, that we can open to and access through simplicity.

In terms of trauma and dysregulation, we begin from the baseline of the completeness of being with how you are.  We will use meditation, somatic practices, dialogue, and information sharing as our primary means of engagement. 

We will try to have fun! But it’s optional. We will be talking about nervous system awareness and trauma in this course. As such, our goal is to approach the content in a way that creates a container which helps to build more acceptance and awareness but does not further exacerbate harm or trauma. We want to go to the edges without going over-threshold. 

Please contact us or indicate in the signup form if you have concerns about your ability to participate in the course. We are operating from a trauma informed framework, and will offer accessibility accommodations as possible by request.Sign up here

kalen tenderness tierney (aka tender)

tender is a person (also known as a multispecies assemblage) navigating the world in a gender expansive practice, working at the intersection of somatics, meditation and social/ecological justice. tender is a facilitator, educator, ceramicist, queer philosopher and builder for social change. they are currently studying the history of bodies, ecology/queer ecologies, the Great Perfection tradition of Tibet, western esoteric traditions, trauma, and somatics. they are a student, sharer, space holder and collaborator rather than an expert.

 Adam Lobel

practices at the intersections of ecopsychology, Buddhist meditation, philosophy, and political transformation. His ongoing appreciation for these practices join together in the Four Fields

Exploring Ritual Through Tea

Exploring Ritual Through Tea

  • Three Sundays in February
  • February 6, 13, 20
  • 10:00 Pacific 1:00 Eastern
  • 1.5 hours in duration.
  • $40 for all 3 gatherings. $15 single gathering drop-in
  • On Zoom, and in your tea area

At these gatherings you can look forward to a few things:

  1. You’ll learn about tea and how to perform a tea ritual that you can do alone or with friends, to wake up your senses and renew your connection to the world around you.
  2. You’ll also have these gatherings themselves which allow for a slower pace, a sane and rejuvenating social ceremony that may offer you sustenance in your week.
  3. We’ll all be exploring the place of ritual in our lives and what it might mean to develop different rhythms and an enhanced relationship to time and space through the ritual of tea appreciation.

We’ll mix our format for being embodied in the tea-ritual, with conversation and topics of exploration. Being embodied, and slowing down has the benefit of rejuvenating our energy, letting our consciousness and conversation explore unexpected and seldom frequented places, and fostering a level of community that is unavailable at high speeds.

Descriptions of Individual Gatherings

Each gathering will have a primary presenter leading us through the exploration.

What is Ritual? Led by Una Chung,  Feb 6

At our first gathering, Una Chung will guide an exploration of ritual—its history, meaning, and contemporary place in culture. We’ll see which components and traditional uses of ritual are more or less prominent or even desirable in our own lives, and how they are available in the way we drink tea.

Awakening the Senses with the Elements of Tea. Led by Michael Busby, Feb 13

At our second gathering, I’ll lead the exploration of direct perception,  the nameless part of ritual that is free of constructs and concepts. Giving context for how the sense perceptions are an integral aspect of many rituals, and a personal taste of the renewing/transformative quality of attending to this part of life. 

Making it your Own. Led by Tender Tierney, Feb 20

At our third gathering, Tender Tierney will lead the exploration of the personal elements that can enrich your ritual, and how one might adopt a tea-ritual that includes meaning, symbolism, and structure—sharing examples of how to incorporate your own traditions, ancestors, and personal contemplations into the tea ritual.


Una Chung

Una Chung is a Professor of Art and Media at Sara Lawrence College (complete bio in progress) 

Michael Busby

Michael Busby is the Tea Peddler of Via Tiempo, with a background in philosophical studies and Buddhist and Taoist practice. He is also a teacher of qigong is the Limitless Gate tradition of Taoism. 

Tender Tierney

Tender Tierney is going to send me some info presently. You can view Tender’s website here.

What to Bring with you

For this course you’ll need boiled water, a vessel to brew tea in, some loose tea and a cup. If you’d like to up  your game with some quality wares and leaves you can explore Via Tiempo’s selection of teaware and tea. We’ll let you know what we’re drinking with each class so you can join in if you’d like, but it is by no means required. 

You may wish to bring a notebook to write, draw, or otherwise record your thoughts and note your questions and inspirations.

Please don’t let cost be a barrier. Inquire directly for need-based financial assistance.

somatic awareness, trauma, and working with the elements.

wednesday nights 7-8:30 est. oct 20-nov 17

over zoom. sliding scale $0-30. link given when you register.

A five week course inviting somatic awareness with practices, meditation, sensualization and the elements.

Using the elements and the five senses we will go on a journey together. i have been studying a lot and am looking to share what i have been learning! i will be presenting some information on trauma as i understand it, somatic practices from generative somatics and somatic experiencing, elemental practices, meditation/contemplation and some other things. this is a new thing and i expect it to be iterative. much of what i will share has been what i have been learning in my ongoing process of working with my own trauma. i am still a student and not a expert, but this is a good chance for you to get to know if you would like to work with me one-on-one.

if you have any questions email me!

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